Consumer Goods & Distribution (FMCG)

Our custom vertical solution that caters specifically for Fast Moving Consumer Goods & Distribution (FMCG) Market.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods & Distribution Key Challenges: To manage a large volume of Repeated Order, Cash on Delivery (COD) and Delivery Fleet to ensure customers get their goods delivered on time. Tasks such as invoicing, retrieving customer and product information, tracking of stock level and generating reports were all performed manually. This resulted in a lot of human errors as well as wastage of time.

Solution Implemented: Microsoft Dynamics Navision


A module which is built for organisations such as consumer goods & distribution who require managing:

  • Setup Delivery Route by Customer Delivery Address
  • Planning of Delivery by Route
  • Driver Diary Printout to show Delivery Detail for the Driver
  • Driver Diary Details include Invoice Number, Delivery Location, Delivery Instruction, and Cash Collection on Delivery
  • Integrate with Handheld Device to scan barcode while loading and returning the Invoice
  • Driver Trip Incentive Report

Our solution streamlines routine procedures, monitors performance, improves customer service and operates more profitability.



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Food Court & Mall Operators

Our custom vertical solution that caters specifically for Food Court & Mall Operators in Singapore.


Food Courts & Mall Operators Key Challenges:  Managing a large Number of Tenants, and compute Rental License Fee for each Tenant, and timely refund to each Tenant.


Solution Implemented: Microsoft Dynamics Navision


Mall Operators we see islandwide lease their establishment space to conduct business and in return collect rent from the Tenant in form of a license Fee.

Module specifically built for organisations that need a comprehensive system to manage their rental billing based on a Fixed or Gross Turn Over and to create

  • Leasing Contract
  • Flexible setup of Leasing Terms by Tenant by Period
  • Flexible Setup of Additional Charges
  • Option to Integrate with POS to collect Sales Data
  • Generate Leasing Invoice based on Leasing Terms
  • Generate Refund Payment to Tenants
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Navision’s Account Receivable Module


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Construction & Engineering

Our custom vertical solution that caters specifically for Construction & Engineering Industry.


Construction & Engineering Industry Key Challenges: Ability to have a complete visibility into Cost and Profitability for each and every Project.

Solution Implemented: Microsoft Dynamics Navision


Construction companies spend most of their time juggling between a complex collection of resources, trading partners, management processes, and regulatory requirements to meet demands.

In today’s rapidly changing and fast-paced marketplace, small and midsize construction companies often find themselves responding or barely keeping up with such demands.


Nityo Progression Consultancy’s Construction Solution built upon Microsoft Dynamics Navision integrates all aspects of your business including Project Management, Project Costing, Resource Management, Sub-Contract Management and Financial Information in one place so you can smartly manage your Budgets, Schedules, Field Activities, Customer Relationships, and the Bottom Line.


The solution can further drill down for organisations that require tight control over project costs

  • Project Budget Revision
  • Project Progress Building
  • Project Cost Online Analysis
  • Project Gross Profit Online Analysis
  • Sales Retention Management
  • Purchase Retention Management
  • Seamlessly Integration with Navision’s Job, AR, AP, PO and Procurement Module


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Non-Profit Organization

Our custom vertical solution that caters specifically for Non-Profit Organizations.


Non-Profit Organizations Key Challenges:  Controlling Cost for Project-based Companies is vital for the smooth and continual operation.

Solution Implemented: Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics Navision can help your organization respond to customer service requests, organize resources for maximum efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

Solution which is built for organizations who require managing their procurement process, including controlling budget by Cost Centre/Projects

  • Cost Centre/Project Cost Budget Setup
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • Quote Comparison Report
  • Purchase Budget Control
  • Approval of Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order by Project
  • Online Notification
  • Seamless Integration with Navision PO module

Tightly integrated information can give you the insight you need to make profitable decisions about the costs, inventories, workloads, and financial returns of your service operation.


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Workforce Training and Upgrading

We believe continuous learning makes one employable and also helps one to meet the changing environment. Training centers provide several trainings and educational programs to candidates. We have developed a system to manage the industrial training process.

Key Challenges: Manage Large Volume of Registration with limited resources

Module build for organization who require a solution their Training Business

  • Participants may log their Registration via Web
  • Registration come in to the System for User to verify and confirm the registration
  • Once Registration is confirmed, Email will be sent to the Participants
  • Generate Sales Invoice to Company or Individual for confirm Registration
  • Notify Participants of the Class schedule via email / SMS
  • Allocation of Classroom and Trainer
  • Calculation of Trainer Fee based on the Setup
  • Seamlessly Integrate with NAV Account Receivable Module

Candidates who want to attend the training can do online registration from the web portal. All data is checked to avoid duplication of participants.

Real Estate

Our custom vertical solution that caters specifically for the Real Estate Market.


Key Challenges: Ability to compute complex Sales Agent Commission and Overriding Commission efficiently

Solution Implemented: Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Progression’s Real Estate Solution is focused on Supply Chain, Financial, Estate Management and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics to improve order taking and speed up decision-making.

This solution has driven a significant improvement towards accuracy and productivity over a range of activities, including inventory management, customer satisfaction and management insight and consequently the company’s revenue.


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