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Getting Data from MS Dynamics Nav is Hard: Like most ERPs, NAV is a relatively static environment designed to enforce business processes and record them in a consistent way. It’s not meant to allow flexibility in the way reports and data are configured and consumed.

Custom NAV Reports Are Expensive: There will come a time when your organisation requires new reports, changes to reports, “innocent” modifications and/or report variations. And there’s a reason technical specialists and consultants are happy to support your reporting needs — it’s lucrative for them.

Copy and Paste is a Total Waste: Your data quality shouldn’t suffer from the manual, error-prone task of piecing important financial and operational information together in order to build the reports you need. That also means your most valuable assets are spending more time compiling information than using it — reducing efficiency and costing you more.

Reporting and BI Built for NAV Works Immediately Out-of-the-Box and Can Cut Cost by 50%

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Fast, flexible Dynamics NAV reporting and analytics, right inside of Excel.

What’s The Real Financial Standing?

Jet Reports is optimised for fast and accurate financial insight, so the entire organisation starts making decisions from the right numbers. From financial overview dashboards to detailed financial statements with transaction level drill-down – you will get any financial report you need, exactly the way you want to see it, directly inside of Excel.

How Much Are You Spending?

Budgets vs. Actuals are the cornerstone of red and green lights for the next move a business can take. Now you can get these key details from NAV broken down by specific departments, dimensions, companies or budgets with the click of a button.

Where Does Our Revenue Come From?

Who is buying? How much? Of what? And when? For businesses to drive forward, they need to know where the money comes from. CEOs and Executives need accurate sales insight, when and where they want.

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