Microsoft Azure

The future of Dynamics Cloud is here.

Now, there are no limits to where you can take your ERP.


The choice between an On-Premise or Microsoft Azure based solution is now a much easier decision for Microsoft Dynamics customers. The ERP on Azure services brings a new level of capability to the Microsoft Dynamics community.


Microsoft Azure is the most advanced Cloud platform for business today

Microsoft Azure is a global network of Microsoft data centres. Azure is an open, flexible Public Cloud Infrastructure platform that offers enterprise-grade scale and power. Currently, almost 70% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure for Cloud-based application workloads.


Based on your business requirements, Nityo Progression can scope, deploy and manage your Microsoft Dynamics application environments on any Microsoft Azure data centre across the globe.

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Why should I choose Azure with Nityo Progression as I can go directly to Microsoft?

Well! We would rather say “How much do you want to do yourself?”


Nityo Progression provides end-to-end management services for your business requirements on Azure.

Simply subscribing on Azure is not enough, there are specialised skills and knowledge that are required to deploy and maintain your environment at peak performance.


Business Applications such as Microsoft Dynamics Navision are always critical for business. Do you have the knowledge and expertise to run a complex, large-scale Dynamics ERP solution 24/7? Can you provide support staff and services? If you are the head of IT, Can you give your users 99.9% availability guarantees? Do you have the capability to deal with multiple different Microsoft departments or partners if necessary?

Here’s what we think

Building a plane is not the same as managing an airline. That’s why Boeing and Airbus are not airlines. Similarly, Microsoft! They create ERP software, they don’t implement & run ERP systems. They build the Azure infrastructure, but they don’t have any responsibility for running ERP applications on Azure.

This is where Nityo Progression can fulfil all your IT needs.

As a proud Microsoft Partner, we think your time could be better spent to strengthen your customer relationships and add value to their business – and yours.


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